Learning Project

Afri- What?

For my Learning Project I decided to learn the language, Afrikaans!

Here is why:

My boyfriend is from South Africa, and he speaks Afrikaans and English! When meeting his parents for the first time, I was surprised by their code switching and how unique the language sounded. His parents recently moved back to South Africa, and I would love to surprise them with speaking some (hopefully a lot) of the language! It would also be fun to be able to speak the language with my boyfriend.

You may be wondering, what do you speak in Afrikaans? I know 4 words/phrases:

  1. ja- ya
  2. nee- no
  3. Dankie- thank you
  4. ek is jammer- I am sorry

I have been thinking a lot about how to learn a language, as I only speak English and have never attempted another language! I read a few articles, but found an encouraging and light-hearted TED blog article to help me along. As suggested, I figured adding Afrikaans to my keyboard would be a good way to immerse myself in the language!  Turns out- Apple does not support that language in the settings. BUMMER. After turning to Google and doing some research, I discovered SwiftKey! It was a highly rated keyboard addition for your phone. So far I barely know how to use it except it has cool keyboard colour options. SO, if it does not work out at least I get a cool keyboard.

I also need to research about the difference of writing out/spelling a word compared to the oral language. Something interesting is that my boyfriend is fluent in speaking the language, but because he grew up in Canada he knows how to write in English well but is difficult in Afrikaans. Fascinating!

My other goal is to be able to include a voice clip of me saying these words to prove that I am actually learning this language. 😉

Stay tuned for what else I learn in this exciting, yet very intimidating adventure!


P.S. I wasn’t kidding about the cute keyboard options..


4 thoughts on “Afri- What?”

  1. Hi Amy!
    Wow, this is a super daring, but cool learning project! I love this idea and that you will be incorporating your significant other in the learning; two heads are always better than one! It too amazes me how different it is to be able to speak a language than write it. Good on you for taking the steps that are tech savvy to begin your learning!
    I did some ‘googling’ on learning Afrikaans and found this website http://www.easyafrikaans.com/easyafrikaans/Start_here.html
    that you could try out! Best of Luck!!!
    Other than the learning project I took a look at some of your categories and your blogging, looks like you are really working on creating that professional online portfolio.
    I’m looking forward to following your blog and working with you this semester. Best of luck!


    1. Good for you Amy, learning another language can be difficult, I struggled through French 100 last semester and don’t think I would be able to pass a test if I went to do one right now. Having your boyfriend help you along the way will be great encouragement! I really hope you had a great time exploring this language.


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