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Feedly.. It’s Not You, It’s Me..

This week we were asked to follow different pages on feedly and share about two of them. First of all, here is proof that I did this:

To be perfectly honest, I have difficulty appreciating Feedly. It’s not you, it’s me..

I am having a hard time navigating the feeds, but I am learning! To start the foundation of my Feedly I read 25 of the best feeds for Educators and this gave me a head start on who to follow. I read through the sumaries and searched the ones that interested me and went form there.

The two blogs I really love and knew about them prior to being introduced to Feedly that were not on the list is The Lettered Classroom and One Stop Teacher Shop. These resources are AMAZING for elementary educators.

The Lettered Classroom is a teacher from the states, who has a Teachers Pay Teachers account and a Youtube channel! I have followed her for quite some time on social media and I appreciate the resources she shares. I enjoy the resources she shares that are literacy based because it gives me inspiration for my own teaching.

One Stop Teacher Shop has been my go-to for Teachers Pay Teachers needs. The resources include everything elementary education related but my favorites are her resources for teachers, specifically the teacher binder. I purchased it with NO REGRETS.

I found that I am pulled to explicit resources that apply to lessons. I look forward to reading other blogs to see what other resources I can follow to gain professional development in a rich and meaningful way.



4 thoughts on “Feedly.. It’s Not You, It’s Me..”

  1. I too found Feedly difficult at the beginning, but I started with following as many great resource blogs because I find them more influential for me as an educator. I do really agree that you have to look at finding those sites that show pedagogy, theories, and continue to grow our philosophies as educators. This is one I really enjoy: https://feedly.com/i/subscription/feed%2Fhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.teachthought.com%2Ffeed%2F
    I as well love TeachersPayTeachers and have many educators who I follow and check-in with nearly daily! Although some are not available on Feedly I recommend continueing to try and get the hand of it. It does really get easier, I promise!
    Good job!


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