EDTC 300


This week we were to try coding.

Not sure what coding is? I like to think of it as instructions or tiny puzzle pieces computers read for instructions. BUT you can watch the video below to understand what coding is (because I am sure my definition has many faults):

I am going to be completely honest- I am not great at it! The activity I did on Hour Of Code was meant for students in grade 2. GRADE 2. I would be surprised if students knew how to use degrees, but maybe this would be a good stretch for some!

With that said, I do quite like coding. Despite my expressions in the recorded video. I like it because some learners will absolutely benefit from it. I also like how it has lots of mathematics infused in the game, but still is fun and challenging like a game. Sometimes kids can see through our teacher trickery and know when you are actually trying to make them work- but this might be a fun way to challenge the students.

I know a good source of information would be to share your results of you playing the same game after they tried it- because if your coding skills are like me they may get a kick out of it. You could also use Screencastify like I did and record you using math language and explaining how you were doing it. It can open up showing your students about humility if you don’t achieve it or experience obstacles along the way! This is something I would definitely not have to fake for students. LOL.

Here is the video I recorded of myself trying the game below:





4 thoughts on “CODESTUFF”

  1. Hey Amy, I agree I think Hour of Code is an amazing program that uses a lot of “hidden curriculum” in something that seems to be just fun and games. I still don’t have a very great definition of coding, but I really enjoyed the experience of practicing with coding! Your video was a great asset to my learning so thanks!


  2. Hey Amy!
    I love that you actually enjoyed coding! A lot of people who try coding don’t usually enjoy it because they become frustrated, but I’m glad you found some positives in it! It’s great how you were able to see the connection it has with mathematics. When I first tried coding, I didn’t really see how it related to mathematics, but now that I have worked with it a lot more I can see the connections. I also really enjoy your ideas of how you can implement this in the classroom and use screencastify to show the mathematical language being used. It’s a great tool to trick students into doing math!
    Thanks for sharing!



  3. Hey Amy,
    I totally thought of coding as little instructions or tiny puzzle pieces as well! When I first tried coding, I found it somewhat difficult. I find the idea of coding really neat but not sure its really for me! I would definitely try and teach it in my classroom though! Thanks amy!


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