Learning Project

My Journey with Afrikaans

Initially, I chose to learn Afrikaans because my boyfriend speaks it. I have always wanted to learn a language so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! I ended up loving learning Afrikaans and exploring the different apps I did to facilitate this learning.

Here’s a breakdown of what I learned throughout the semester week by week:

Week 1: Introduction to myself- trying out the SwiftKey keyboard!

Week 2: Afrikaans phrases with Simply Learn Afrikaans app

Week 3: Counting to 10!

Week 4: Food and listening to African artists

Week 5: Sharing emotions using YouTube channel Afrikaans with Lindie

Week 6:  Mini Vlog sharing Afrikaans phrases with friends

Week 7: YouTube deep drive of Afrikaans

Week 8: Rolling/trilling my r’s

Week 9: Afrikaans Survival

Week 10: Melktart




What a journey it has been! I have learned much more than I expected I would. I did not completely learn Afrikaans as that would take YEARS, but I learned as much as I could to fit into my schedule!

I have huge respect for anyone who learns an additional language because this was hard! At the beginning of this experience I had the idea that once I learned a new word or phrase that that was it, I would remember it forever. I was so wrong. I STILL have difficulty remembering Ek is jammer (I am sorry), which I learned even before this project started. Learning a language takes perseverance and complete dedication. You have to not only allow time in your day to work on it, but infusing it every day to allow yourself to use the language. I am lucky to have people in my life who speak Afrikaans because learning a language and not having people to use it with on a regular basis with would be extremely difficult.

From this project, I learned different ways to find and share using online media.  I used Youtube, blogs, Google, Apps. To share what I learned in Afrikaans I used the video editor Adobe Premiere. It seems weird to say, but I found that I also learned about using keywords when searching for what you need on various databases, and this is something I will be able to teach in my future classroom. Apps to learn Afrikaans are scarce on their own, but filtering through all the different language apps to see if they were compatible with Afrikaans was difficult. I became a pro at surfing through the app descriptions to see if Afrikaans was listed as one of their languages. I also became a near expert at using Google to help learn Afrikaans. I would search, “Afrikaans app” or “Learn Afrikaans“, to find the most results that would help me in my research. I was surprised at how much a difference using keywords and using different descriptive words would bring up brand new resources that never showed up when I searched before.

My journey with Afrikaans was difficult, to say the least. At times it was hard to motivate myself. It is a difficult task and it was common to want to feel like giving up. This is when I would go on the random internet searching and find something new that inspired me to keep going (Week 7 for example…lol)


I have really enjoyed learning Afrikaans, and I do not think I am going to stop! One day I will visit Africa, so I obviously have much more to learn! Since I graduate this year and I do not have any more classes (woop woop!), I will have more free time which will allow me to dive deeper into my Simply Afrikaans app that I love so much!

This class has been a wonderful journey, and I thank everyone for following along and motivating me!

To sign off… I am just going to leave this here:



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