EDTC 300


This is my final #EDTC300 post where I tell you all about the networking that I did this semester! As I was thinking about what to include in this I started getting a little emotional, because I have connected with so many others over this semester and have grown my PLN. I am so glad that I took this class because I loved the resources I was able to gather from Katia and others.

To start off my Professional Network Learning post, I want to share my experience with #saskedchat! I have been in four ed chats since joining this class! I would have done more but the chat times usually conflicted with my classes, but now that classes are over I will totally be doing more each week! I love the chats because it really is free PD from your bed! Here are some pictures of my Twitter chat experiences:

In this #ECEchat I gained a lot of resources I can use in my future classroom. I also gained connections with other teachers and gained some followers!

During one #saskedchat the topics got a little mismatched, so the rest of us went down our own paths. Even when this happened, I still managed to connect with other educators and gain some followers which I still can connect with!

Along with Twitter chats, I used Twitter, in general, to connect with others and build my PLN. Here are some screenshots of how I used my Twitter and the conversations I had.

I love sharing resources with others and seeing what other educators think. It was so fun that from sharing one tweet about an awesome free resource, that three other people went and got it! This is why I love technology- it allows us to connect with others near and far. If I didn’t have Twitter I would not have gained all of the resources that I have.

Along with Twitter, I kept up with blogging and updating my portfolio. After much contemplation, I decided to keep my blog and portfolio separate. In the future, I would like to start blogging on a regular basis. The blog would be teacher hacks and activities I am planning in the classroom (#goals). SO this blog will be saved for that, and my Wix site is my professional portfolio. To connect both I have a portfolio tab on my WordPress site that links to my Wix site. This is what both sites look like:

I found blogging to be a great way to connect with other educators, and I sincerely hope they keep blogging. Following along with the learning projects was so interesting. I loved following with Sarah‘s delicious Mennonite cooking and seeing my bestie’s knitting posts. I also thoroughly enjoyed having a mentor. I found that Shantel and Cassidy provided really meaningful comments that helped motivate me.

They also gave the nicest feedback that always left me smiling.



Here are some pictures of the feedback I received from my mentors but also the comments and conversations I had with others on their own blogs:

These are not a complete list of times I connected with others on Twitter and on blogs, but they show the types of conversations that I had with others.

To answer the broad question: How have you contributed to the learning of others?

I helped others by offering resources I found on Twitter that I felt would be beneficial for all teachers to have. When I find a resource recommendation I share what I think is great about it. When I am looking for resources I use Twitter to ask others what they have done or used. I frequently share about books that would be a great addition to the classroom. I also often share classroom management and organization ideas. I have commented on other peoples tweets and replied to blogging posts. I have offered my insight and made connections to what I know.

I enjoyed this class and appreciate the relationships I gained and all of the wonderful resources I got.

Thank you all!

#edtc300 ❤




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