EDTC 300


This week I participated in my first ever Ed chat!! I have always cruised through #saskedchat but have never took the jump to join it. I couldn’t join this week because I have a night class during that time. Instead I used Katia’s list of education chats and decided to join #kinderchat. #kinderchat happens Monday nights at 8pm.

I enjoyed my first experience with an edchat. I was quite intimidated with the topic for the week (discussing respect and rights for teachers), but I managed to pull through. During the chat I became hyper aware of what my responses might look to others who were watching and reading, which made me take a longer time to write out a concise and neutral answer.

What I appreciated is that I found myself connecting with people from all over North America, and gained a few followers too! Having as many connections as possible going into teaching is important to me. I want to use technology to connect with others to get the mutual benefits of professional development.

I am excited to join more ed chats and see what else I can learn, and who else I can meet!

EDTC 300

Feedly.. It’s Not You, It’s Me..

This week we were asked to follow different pages on feedly and share about two of them. First of all, here is proof that I did this:

To be perfectly honest, I have difficulty appreciating Feedly. It’s not you, it’s me..

I am having a hard time navigating the feeds, but I am learning! To start the foundation of my Feedly I read 25 of the best feeds for Educators and this gave me a head start on who to follow. I read through the sumaries and searched the ones that interested me and went form there.

The two blogs I really love and knew about them prior to being introduced to Feedly that were not on the list is The Lettered Classroom and One Stop Teacher Shop. These resources are AMAZING for elementary educators.

The Lettered Classroom is a teacher from the states, who has a Teachers Pay Teachers account and a Youtube channel! I have followed her for quite some time on social media and I appreciate the resources she shares. I enjoy the resources she shares that are literacy based because it gives me inspiration for my own teaching.

One Stop Teacher Shop has been my go-to for Teachers Pay Teachers needs. The resources include everything elementary education related but my favorites are her resources for teachers, specifically the teacher binder. I purchased it with NO REGRETS.

I found that I am pulled to explicit resources that apply to lessons. I look forward to reading other blogs to see what other resources I can follow to gain professional development in a rich and meaningful way.


EDTC 300, Learning Project

Ok ya- so this is hard!

Learning a language is so tough! I knew that learning a language would obviously be difficult, but I did not anticipate just how much work it would be. It has been a slow go for me, but here are my updates..

In my last post I shared that I was going to use the new keyboard app that I referenced. The keyboard started off great and was working fine, but then it started malfunctioning. Sometimes when I would want to reply to a text, google something, or anything that required using my keyboard, my keyboard would not show up! So I would frantically keep pressing the screen to try and fix it. #MillenialProblems


So, I promptly deleted it. I am sure I will reinstall it soon though!

Next, I started looking for other apps and resources. Youtube channel, Learning Afrikaans with AfrikaansPod101.com was also helpful to get me started. I discovered that they had an app, and I did really enjoy the app but was not willing to pay for the full app when my trial expired. So there I was, continuing my search again!

I could not download Duolingo as it does not include Afrikaans in it. After so much searching and two other failed apps later, I discovered Simply Learn Afrikaans by Simya Solutions Ltd. This has been a great app for myself! It has many different theme options for words and phrases (related to travel in Africa), and has been a great start for me to learn the basics.

Here is my video to share the words and phrases I have learned as well as giving you a quick look into the Afrikaans app that I am using:



Totsiens! Goodbye!

EDTC 300

1- My Relationship with Technology in the Classroom

My relationship with technology in the classroom.. it is very on and off.


I love technology and am enthusiastic about the possibilities, but sometimes hit a wall when something malfunctions and I have to resort to plan b! I am excited to learn through thins class some tried and true applications of technology that I can use when I teach.

A goal of mine that I have ALWAYS wanted to do in life was blog. I absolutely love reading posts others have made about food and fashion. For about two years now I have been very interested in Youtube channels created by teachers sharing resources, everyday work, and vlogging their daily lives. It has been an incredible source of encouragement and motivation for myself. My favourite teacher Youtuber’s to follow are The Lettered Classroom and Pocketful of Primary). I love these channels so much because it acts as free and valuable professional development for myself. Instead of creating videos, I would love to blog. Blogging regularly would be an easy way for parents to check in what we are doing in the classroom, provide resources to other educators, and act as a communication tool with all.

The article, Five Reasons Teachers Should Start A Blog only solidified my want to blog. The first reason to blog, discussing sharing knowledge with others, made me think about reinventing the curriculum in our own classrooms. We are learning the importance of learning content with our student in various ways. Blogging, google classroom and digital storytelling are only a few methods that will meet the same curricular outcomes but in a different way. Society is changing and becoming much different than traditional ways. Students are going to be evolving with technology, and teachers should as well.

During internship, I was quite active with twitter. I found sharing the activities the students were doing and showing my prep work incredibly fun. I had a parent thank you for having a professional account and sharing these stories. I realized how important it is to communicate with parents and how it stretches beyond to connect to educators alike. A goal for using twitter, is that I want to participate in ed chats. I have been following #saskedchat for quite some time, but have never have build up the courage to involve myself (unfortunately I missed my chance, as I have a night class during these times). I want to seek out another chat that works with my timetable and that I feel is a right fit for me.


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