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This is my final #EDTC300 post where I tell you all about the networking that I did this semester! As I was thinking about what to include in this I started getting a little emotional, because I have connected with so many others over this semester and have grown my PLN. I am so glad that I took this class because I loved the resources I was able to gather from Katia and others.

To start off my Professional Network Learning post, I want to share my experience with #saskedchat! I have been in four ed chats since joining this class! I would have done more but the chat times usually conflicted with my classes, but now that classes are over I will totally be doing more each week! I love the chats because it really is free PD from your bed! Here are some pictures of my Twitter chat experiences:

In this #ECEchat I gained a lot of resources I can use in my future classroom. I also gained connections with other teachers and gained some followers!

During one #saskedchat the topics got a little mismatched, so the rest of us went down our own paths. Even when this happened, I still managed to connect with other educators and gain some followers which I still can connect with!

Along with Twitter chats, I used Twitter, in general, to connect with others and build my PLN. Here are some screenshots of how I used my Twitter and the conversations I had.

I love sharing resources with others and seeing what other educators think. It was so fun that from sharing one tweet about an awesome free resource, that three other people went and got it! This is why I love technology- it allows us to connect with others near and far. If I didn’t have Twitter I would not have gained all of the resources that I have.

Along with Twitter, I kept up with blogging and updating my portfolio. After much contemplation, I decided to keep my blog and portfolio separate. In the future, I would like to start blogging on a regular basis. The blog would be teacher hacks and activities I am planning in the classroom (#goals). SO this blog will be saved for that, and my Wix site is my professional portfolio. To connect both I have a portfolio tab on my WordPress site that links to my Wix site. This is what both sites look like:

I found blogging to be a great way to connect with other educators, and I sincerely hope they keep blogging. Following along with the learning projects was so interesting. I loved following with Sarah‘s delicious Mennonite cooking and seeing my bestie’s knitting posts. I also thoroughly enjoyed having a mentor. I found that Shantel and Cassidy provided really meaningful comments that helped motivate me.

They also gave the nicest feedback that always left me smiling.



Here are some pictures of the feedback I received from my mentors but also the comments and conversations I had with others on their own blogs:

These are not a complete list of times I connected with others on Twitter and on blogs, but they show the types of conversations that I had with others.

To answer the broad question: How have you contributed to the learning of others?

I helped others by offering resources I found on Twitter that I felt would be beneficial for all teachers to have. When I find a resource recommendation I share what I think is great about it. When I am looking for resources I use Twitter to ask others what they have done or used. I frequently share about books that would be a great addition to the classroom. I also often share classroom management and organization ideas. I have commented on other peoples tweets and replied to blogging posts. I have offered my insight and made connections to what I know.

I enjoyed this class and appreciate the relationships I gained and all of the wonderful resources I got.

Thank you all!

#edtc300 ❤



EDTC 300

Summary of Learning

Hi everyone! For the Summary of Learning, I created the video with my BFF  who doubles as my roommate! I had a great time making this video and when writing the script I benefitted from the rich discussions that we had.

If you would like to watch my video that I made with Madi, you can watch it below!

EDTC 300


This week we were to try coding.

Not sure what coding is? I like to think of it as instructions or tiny puzzle pieces computers read for instructions. BUT you can watch the video below to understand what coding is (because I am sure my definition has many faults):

I am going to be completely honest- I am not great at it! The activity I did on Hour Of Code was meant for students in grade 2. GRADE 2. I would be surprised if students knew how to use degrees, but maybe this would be a good stretch for some!

With that said, I do quite like coding. Despite my expressions in the recorded video. I like it because some learners will absolutely benefit from it. I also like how it has lots of mathematics infused in the game, but still is fun and challenging like a game. Sometimes kids can see through our teacher trickery and know when you are actually trying to make them work- but this might be a fun way to challenge the students.

I know a good source of information would be to share your results of you playing the same game after they tried it- because if your coding skills are like me they may get a kick out of it. You could also use Screencastify like I did and record you using math language and explaining how you were doing it. It can open up showing your students about humility if you don’t achieve it or experience obstacles along the way! This is something I would definitely not have to fake for students. LOL.

Here is the video I recorded of myself trying the game below:




EDTC 300

Google Classroom is LIFE

I discovered something that needs to be shared with the world. LIFE = COMPLETE

Have you heard of google classroom or ever used it? Before this class, I had heard of it but was very nervous because it seems very intimidating. I set it up during internship, but classic Amy completely forgot about it. I felt that this assignment would be perfect practice for getting to know this app. I was in the latest #saskedchat and a teacher basically convinced me that Google Classroom is the best, so I decided to give it a shot!

If you are not familiar with Google Classroom, it is basically a classroom hub where students can do assignments online! You can assign assignments, questions, videos to watch, articles to read, etc etc!

This is one twitter conversation that I was involved in (sorry for the low-quality image):

So, researching began. And boy, oh boy did I ever do some researching! ME:



The Teacher Bag gave an awesome first-starter for Google Classroom and jump-started my exploring. I felt that the best way to get to know the app is to just go for it. The first thing I did was do a “mock” questions for students to answer.

An idea I thought of for Google Classroom was morning bell work. I know of a few teachers who do bell work, and maybe this could be a time saver for those teachers! Bell work can allow the students to start thinking about a theme in a class or an idea you want to embrace in the day. An option could be to project the daily prompt on the smart board and they respond that way OR they log in every morning and find it themselves, and respond to the daily prompt online via google docs. I have an example of a mock one I created here. I would totally use this! It would be so quick to add in a slide for each day and display the prompt.

I also know of teachers who do daily announcements or write instructions for the morning on the board, sharing this on google classroom could also be an option.

You can see that obviously, I am getting pretty excited about Google Classroom and what you can do with it. I just love how it is one site that can hold all of your information and resources for class and is secure and safe that only your students have access to it. What is also great is that you can reuse the material each year if you wish because everything is there forever!

What is interesting about google classroom is that you can actually grade the assignments and keep the grades online (but don’t ask me how to do that because I got nervous and overwhelmed. I still like my records on paper, okay?!) Here is a video of how to submit an assignment on google classroom! VERY helpful as I questioned how students submitted their work!

If you want to learn more about Google Classroom you can watch the video below!

EDTC 300

Where’s the compassion?

Seriously? Where did it go?

This week we listened to Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk, “The Price of Shame”. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below:

This talk was incredibly impactful on me. I have always believed that you need to be kind to others, and to not let the keyboard in front of you tempt you to say hurtful things to people. Monica Lewinsky spoke of the humiliation she felt after her mistake, but that her parents supported her in the aftermath. The shaming that happened after someone makes a mistake is incredibly unforgiving, so for her parents to give that support is genuine and amazing. Carol Todd spoke to us in our class about the issue of cyber-bullying. A message that arose from both of these discussions is that instead of shaming people for their mistakes, we need to be there to listen. This is especially important when thinking of your own classroom. If a student can come to you or another trusted adult and feel comfortable to share something that happened when they need help, this can make a huge difference for these people. We need to be these people for our students.

Image via Flikr


Even by reading the title of Jon Ronson’s TED Talk, “How one tweet can ruin your life”, it triggered so many conversations that I have witnessed or experienced in pursuing my Education degree. We learn that one simple post that we put on social media quite possibly could lose your job. We need to think about our digital identity when posting content online. I think that Monica Lewinsky and Jon Ronson’s talks can mesh together to teach a lesson. To avoid the dehumanization of individuals, we must show compassion.

I recently read the novel, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, and I think this quote fits in with this topic:

“We carry with us, as human beings, not just the capacity to be kind, but the very choice of kindness.” 

Quote retrieved from Penguin.co


EDTC 300

Exsqueeze Me?

This week I worked with Hailie and Madi to create this mock meeting with a parent. We had so much fun with this project!

I was mainly the parent but also dabbled with the teacher role as well. What caught me by surprise was how I felt it was easy to do a mock meeting because you can delete what you typed and then try again, but in real life you cannot rely on a backspace button! To have this real life conversation, you should pause before continuing on. Pausing saves lives, people.


This meeting we did was a concerned parent with the use of Mathletics. Mathletics is an online website for students to practice concepts aligned with the curriculum. It tracks the students individually and allows them to work at their own pace. I LOVE Mathletics. The students love it because it doesn’t feel like work for them because it’s fun. (I just want to point out that I make fun math lessons). I love it because I can walk around and see where they are at and assist if there is guidance needed. It is a nice treat every once in a while! If you want to learn more about Mathletics you can watch the following demonstration of the website:

Along with everything, there could be controversy over the use of Mathletics, and this is what we delved into:


Context: Parent meeting with Teacher


Parent: Hi, I am concerned about the lack of teaching in my child’s math class. Brady said that all he does is play Mathletics. Mathletics looks like math games to me.

Teacher: Thank you for coming to me and sharing your opinion. I value all my student’s parent’s opinions. In education we are working on incorporating technology and digital citizenship in their lives. I believe that students all have a digital identity, or will eventually. A way to develop the foundations of digital identity is through educational resources. Mathletics is an educational website that we do use on occasion. May I log into my account and show you the benefits of Mathletics and how we use it in our class? If you are interested I can show you Brady’s work!

Parent: Yes, please. Thank you.

Teacher: So here you can see there are different options of focus, here we have Patterns. When I click on Brady’s account, I can see his progress, what he is doing well in and what he needs to work towards.

Parent: Well is this all he does? How can he get better if there is no teaching.

Teacher: This is only one of our math centres. We have 5 stations that the students work on, so using this technology is only one of them. They are also using blocks to create patterns, working on worksheets, and in small groups with me and other students.

Parent: So this isn’t all you do then?

Teacher: Our school made the purchase to use Mathletics and all grades from Gr.1-5 use this site. We find it quite educational and the students really enjoy it. It provides another way for students to learn the content at their own pace. It is a great way to track progress and them working independently helps build stamina and competence in their own ability.

Parent: Oh! Thank you so much. I didn’t realize the context it is used. Is there a way I can see Brady’s work too?

Teacher: Of course! I will give you Brady’s username and password so he can work on it at home and you can see what he is working on.

Parent: Great. Thank you!

EDTC 300

If teaching doesn’t work out.. I’m sure the FBI would hire..

Finally my years of my creeping skills has come in handy! This week my task was to creep Hayley Hodson. I have never met Hayley in real life, so I thought teaming up with her was a great option because it allowed us to view each other’s online profiles as complete outsiders.

Read along to see the dirt I dug up! Don’t worry Hayley, you’re in the clear.

Facebook findings:

  1. She works at one of my all time favourite places: MARSHALLS! I bet you she recognizes me form my many procrastinating-studying-by-shopping trips. She also works at the YMCA.
  2. Hayley attended school at Winston Knoll Collegiate
  3. She lives in Regina

BTW- Her Facebook is on the ultimate lockdown.


Hayley’s blog is filled with university courses!


  1. First year Education student
  2. Is very VERY good at tweeting educational articles on a daily basis. *Insert me looking down at the floor overwhelmed with sadness as I remember that I need to up by Twitter game 😦

This is all I could find! Overall, Hayley’s social identity is very professional and she seems to be building a valuable PLN online.

After reading Hayley’s post about me, I recognized that I do not have enough personal information out there. I also had my Pinterest wide open and she discovered my food board- You’re welcome, friend!

BUT- How much and what type of personal information do I put out there? Do people really want to know that I love food and that I am obsessed with interior design? Hmm..



EDTC 300

“Back in my day-“.. Yeah, we get it.

I’m sure all of us have heard the line as mentioned above in the title. In my experience, this has been said about the use of technology today.

In Character Education for the Digital-Age, Jason Ohler says that the connection between present day and the past is that we all crave communication. This is a much more positive way at looking at change and the relationship we have with technology today than the title above.

We need to move forward and look at how we can use technology, and these communities that we build together, so we can learn together.

When asked about how we can incorporate digital citizenship into the curriculum, of course there is the explicit curriculum that could be used for teaching this. But what about the hidden curriculum? We have been taught about the Broad Areas of Learning (Saskatchewan goals for education) and iI see this as the perfect space. How I interpret the BAL is teaching students how to be engaged citizens and having a sense of self and community. These concepts apply to daily life and any profile you use online. Using technology in the classroom is inevitable. Students being a part of online communities is also inevitable. We need to prepare and inform them of what being a citizen in the digital world entails and the connection between that and daily life.

As an educator, I feel obliged to encourage students in different ways to interact with people, why not do the same for them in digital communities?

EDTC 300

New Communities for our Classrooms

This week I have been thinking about how technology and the internet specifically has influenced and is influencing today’s classrooms. After watching Michael Wesch’s video of his introduction to YouTube, I have a few points that I took from the lecture.

The internet allows us to follow others, use it for documentation for the world to see, and is a celebration of new communities.

Being in elementary education, I am going to speak towards elementary education as I am not aware of how technology is introduced to high school, but I’m excited to learn from other blog posts!

Technology and the internet is a huge reality for society now. Children born today (give or take a few years) only know technology. Their memories of childhood will be their parents taking pictures of them, watching Netflix  and playing on an iPad with games. Since children’s development is impacted by the use of technology, we need to keep this up in the classroom. I would argue that it should be done in a balanced way, but I will get to that later.

giphy (3).gif


As an educator for these children who are surrounded by technology, I cannot help but feel passionate and responsible for providing ways for students to use their knowledge of technology for meaningful ways to learn. Some examples of ways I personally know teachers use technology are Mathletics and Raz-kids! I love love love love these. These programs are individualized for each student so they can see their own progress as they continue. The students love the ‘games’ because its a break from the teacher and they feel like they are avoiding school work (haha)! I love days where they can use these apps because they are incredibly educational and it allows me to walk around and check in with students. Creating PLN’s are important to work with others and learn what tools other educators are using. I LOVE using twitter and following YouTube channels for this reason.

On Manuela’s post she shared that we need to be aware of internet use and how we use it because of cyber bullying. I fear cyber bullying, or any bullying for that matter, happening in my classroom. It is a harsh reality. With our students using more technology, they are going to use it as a source for bullying. Like with bullying in general, this is something that students need to be aware of and what they do when they see or experience it. With this, we need to be fully  aware of the tools we use in the classroom and how we use them. We need to test out these apps and websites before introducing them to the students.

Technology and the use of internet should be used as a tool in today’s classrooms, not the teacher. We can use these apps for great learning experiences for students, but we can also use tools such as experiential learning, experiments, group work, discussions and inquiry as ways to learn content. Technology is one of the many additions to a classroom, and has much potential for learning, and I am excited to get out there and learn what I can about it!


EDTC 300


This week I participated in my first ever Ed chat!! I have always cruised through #saskedchat but have never took the jump to join it. I couldn’t join this week because I have a night class during that time. Instead I used Katia’s list of education chats and decided to join #kinderchat. #kinderchat happens Monday nights at 8pm.

I enjoyed my first experience with an edchat. I was quite intimidated with the topic for the week (discussing respect and rights for teachers), but I managed to pull through. During the chat I became hyper aware of what my responses might look to others who were watching and reading, which made me take a longer time to write out a concise and neutral answer.

What I appreciated is that I found myself connecting with people from all over North America, and gained a few followers too! Having as many connections as possible going into teaching is important to me. I want to use technology to connect with others to get the mutual benefits of professional development.

I am excited to join more ed chats and see what else I can learn, and who else I can meet!