Learning Project

I don’t know what they are singing but I will just pretend I know what is going on..

Last week my goal was to learn how to say different foods in Afrikaans. That crashed and burned! I learned that the words that I wanted to learn such as “taco” and “sausage”, are simply the same in English. BUT! I do know one African food that I can share about. It  is called pap (pronounced like pup, but you say it really fast LOL).

2725715932_ec45e3c684_o.jpgRaverken Flickr via Compfight cc

I was first introduced to pap in the summer. To me, it tasted and reminded me of what would be corn oatmeal. In South Africa it is used as a side for a dish, sort of like how potatoes are used as a side! Just a little tid bit..

BUT, by connecting the Afrikaans word to something I have experience with, it helped me remember what it is called. I have never forgot the name. Another food I am familiar with is Boers Wars. It is a type of sausage.

Making these type of real life connections helps me stay motivated for the learning project (maybe because I REALLY love food).

To be more aware of South African culture, and being inspired by Megan’s own project, I started listening to music in Afrikaans! The most intriguing channel I found is musical group, Die Antwoord. They are quite popular in South Africa! Not sure if it is appropriate to put a song on my blog- because I don’t understand any of it!

Stay tuned for next week to learn about what else I learn in Afrikaans, if I learn more about this musical group, and who knows- maybe I will even try a new African recipe!

Learning Project

een, twee, drie…

Hello all!

A lesson I learned this week is how important it is to surround yourself with support when learning something new. Last week I was overwhelmed with learning Afrikaans, but classmates from #EDTC300 were so encouraging, kind, and helpful! I want to give a shoutout to Cassidy and Megan! They were so kind with their comments and it was nice to have support from those two! Their encouragement pushed me to reach my goal of counting from 0-10 in Afrikaans. Without support from the classmates and my boyfriend, learning Afrikaans would be so much more difficult!

giphy (1).gif

As mentioned above, This week I learned how to count from 0-10 in Afrikaans! I am so happy that I set a goal for myself and reached it. This is something that I want to continue doing. Setting goals, and checking in with myself. Here is a clip of my counting below:

Cassidy requested that I include the document I use for recording what I am learning in Afrikaans. You can find this document here. In some discussions on blogs, Lisa mentioned that she wants to learn Afrikaans next. This could potentially benefit you, Lisa!

Come next week to see what I learn next! Which is hopefully how to say Tacos…





EDTC 300, Learning Project

Ok ya- so this is hard!

Learning a language is so tough! I knew that learning a language would obviously be difficult, but I did not anticipate just how much work it would be. It has been a slow go for me, but here are my updates..

In my last post I shared that I was going to use the new keyboard app that I referenced. The keyboard started off great and was working fine, but then it started malfunctioning. Sometimes when I would want to reply to a text, google something, or anything that required using my keyboard, my keyboard would not show up! So I would frantically keep pressing the screen to try and fix it. #MillenialProblems


So, I promptly deleted it. I am sure I will reinstall it soon though!

Next, I started looking for other apps and resources. Youtube channel, Learning Afrikaans with AfrikaansPod101.com was also helpful to get me started. I discovered that they had an app, and I did really enjoy the app but was not willing to pay for the full app when my trial expired. So there I was, continuing my search again!

I could not download Duolingo as it does not include Afrikaans in it. After so much searching and two other failed apps later, I discovered Simply Learn Afrikaans by Simya Solutions Ltd. This has been a great app for myself! It has many different theme options for words and phrases (related to travel in Africa), and has been a great start for me to learn the basics.

Here is my video to share the words and phrases I have learned as well as giving you a quick look into the Afrikaans app that I am using:



Totsiens! Goodbye!

Learning Project

Afri- What?

For my Learning Project I decided to learn the language, Afrikaans!

Here is why:

My boyfriend is from South Africa, and he speaks Afrikaans and English! When meeting his parents for the first time, I was surprised by their code switching and how unique the language sounded. His parents recently moved back to South Africa, and I would love to surprise them with speaking some (hopefully a lot) of the language! It would also be fun to be able to speak the language with my boyfriend.

You may be wondering, what do you speak in Afrikaans? I know 4 words/phrases:

  1. ja- ya
  2. nee- no
  3. Dankie- thank you
  4. ek is jammer- I am sorry

I have been thinking a lot about how to learn a language, as I only speak English and have never attempted another language! I read a few articles, but found an encouraging and light-hearted TED blog article to help me along. As suggested, I figured adding Afrikaans to my keyboard would be a good way to immerse myself in the language!  Turns out- Apple does not support that language in the settings. BUMMER. After turning to Google and doing some research, I discovered SwiftKey! It was a highly rated keyboard addition for your phone. So far I barely know how to use it except it has cool keyboard colour options. SO, if it does not work out at least I get a cool keyboard.

I also need to research about the difference of writing out/spelling a word compared to the oral language. Something interesting is that my boyfriend is fluent in speaking the language, but because he grew up in Canada he knows how to write in English well but is difficult in Afrikaans. Fascinating!

My other goal is to be able to include a voice clip of me saying these words to prove that I am actually learning this language. 😉

Stay tuned for what else I learn in this exciting, yet very intimidating adventure!


P.S. I wasn’t kidding about the cute keyboard options..