Resource Package- Journal 9

This week I completed my group resource package (Gr.1 Five Senses), and it was a great learning experience! I enjoyed the experience of working with others. I found it valuable to create a valuable resource for teachers with my fellow colleagues and develop a positive professional relationship. It was interesting to scaffold ideas with them and build and share ideas.

I appreciated putting together a resource package that teachers, and myself, would be able to use. I am confident that the material in the package, such as the lessons, activities, and resources provided are appropriate and useful. We found great children’s literature that will be great for teaching the five senses. We included Indigenous literature and corresponding lesson plans. The activities included appropriate adaptations that would fit students needs.

In the resource package, we connected it to the 5E’s learning cycle and assessment. It was important to us that we include how our activities could fit this level of inquiry. This scientific model is a essential for a foundation of holistic learning. It supports inquiry and experiential learning, which is something that can be done with the Five Senses.

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Who I Am- Journal 1

For my first journal entry for ESCI 310, I wanted to share my past experiences and provide some background knowledge of who I am so you may gain some insight on what I can bring to the course.

I grew up near a small town in Southwest Saskatchewan and have lived on a mixed farm my whole life. We raise Angus cattle, horses, free-range Berkshire and Hereford pigs, heritage Hungarian Yellow chickens, and sheep. We also grow and harvest crops every year. I feel a lot of pride with how I have been raised and believe that with these influences it has set me on track to becoming literate in science.

pigs and wheat
Berkshire Pig



Growing up I was always fascinated with native prairie, endangered species, and the acts of conservation. In a science project in high school, I studied the extirpation and revival of the Swift Fox. This sparked my love for preserving the beautiful elements that nature holds.



In high school I really enjoyed my biology classes. I loved learning about the environment and the perfect balance that it maintains. Taking biology helped me connect new knowledge that I was learning to my everyday life. Science is one of my favourite subjects to teach because it is so close to my heart, and I have stories that help supply the information.

Last year I took ESCI 302, and absolutely loved it. It instilled a passion in me to educate others on current issues regarding environmental education. I learned how to present information to students in a way to make them feel encouraged to learn about science. My passion for the environment shows in my teaching, and I am proud to have been raised and live in Southwest Saskatchewan.

I am very excited for this course and am ready to broaden my worldview and hopefully gain more perspectives on how science is taught across Saskatchewan.